1K a Day

As far as writing goals, my sweet spot seems to be 1000 words a day. It’s a reasonable goal but not an easy one and yet, somedays very easy! I got the goal from Stephen King’s book, On Writing.

It’s a nice round number and all those zeros definitely give me a feeling of accomplishment. My mind immediately extrapolates it to 7K a week, 30K a month, 365K a year! Of course, this would be a wonderful result but it never works out that way. This week, I’ve managed to hit or exceed my goal everyday but September wasn’t so great. It takes me forever to recover from vacations with people who don’t like me. I am thinking that I might be able to recover faster if I devote my time on arriving home to writing a Murder of Mother-In-Law story. Might make a nice series of short stories 🙂

Well, back to work! 1K, on my way!


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