Hidden under a NaNoWriMo Quilt

Where I am this month

My progress:

There are so many ways to hide from life and as a writer, writing is the best way. I have started NaNoWriMo a few times in the past or considered it and that was enough to regenerate my discipline and commitment.

Or, so I thought. As I was filling out my profile on NaNoWriMo, it asked for info on previous years and I found a few folders archived on my Computer: Nano2011 and NaNo2008. Inside both were 2 novels and both had not been touched since the day I dropped out of November! Of course, I am sure I had good reasons but I am also sure I used the good reasons for a bad reason. ‘New Puppy’ oh, no! or in-laws coming to torture me for Thanksgiving! oh no! I can not be sure but I bet I spent a few hours each day online or watching hluu.com or a DVD. This motivated me to make a commitment to finish this month and not just the 50K but the novel!

This year I have a new idea for a novel, I worked on a rough detailed outline, fleshed out character sketches in Scrivener and made their world live in my mind. So, on November 1st I took off like a rocket, I didn’t write that first weekend but I was days ahead of my goal. Now we are at the halfway point, and I am at 25,213 words. Today I should add another 2-3 thousand.

Does this mean I have no disruptions? To the contrary, I have many more. In-laws coming this weekend, instead of Thanksgiving, which should be relaxing and a good writing holiday this year.

Puppy is now a full grown monster, my issue with him is keeping the occasional eye on his destructive ways. My dog issue this week revolved around a neighbor who calls letting her dogs run free “letting them out to play with the other dogs in the neighborhood.” OMG! sigh!

Now, onward and upward! I am reading an article by Karen WOodward on how to write 10,000 words a day… yoiks! I wonder if that includes blogging? LOL But, it seems a commendable goal. My record is in the 5,000 word range but I think my mind was oatmeal later!


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