NaNoWriMo is Over! …finally!

Whew! That was one hell of a month! LOL But, not as bad as others I’ve had in my life, definitely the most challenging I’ve had in years. It was a very good experience for me. I’ve attempted this endeavor two other years but never finished. Last time, I remember telling my husband that it was a great experience, that I had started a story and now can continue with the new discipline I acquired… what a load of crap! I still have that story sitting in a folder labeled “Nanomo 2010″… sigh!
This time, I was so determined to finish that I started out exceeding my daily goals so I would have a buffer for the upcoming visit from inlaws, which is always stressful. As anticipated, my writing took a nose-dive during the not-so-much-anticipated visit. But, I was able to catch up. I also was able to win earlier than the deadline.

Another very nice result was meeting a new friend! She lives 12 miles south of me and we’ve become quick and fast friends. A few other people are potential friends.

But, the most important result is the novel got a a new start and is nearly finished! I have a few remaining chapters and a much clearer vision of the potential I created.


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