January is Shaping Up to be One Hell of a Month!

I began the year by getting a membership in Romance Writers of America and ended the first week at the first monthly meeting at Carolina Romance Writers, CRW, the Chapter in Charlotte. I was nervous but the alternative was a weekend with the in-laws and they are all coming to the conclusion that marrying their precious boy/man is worse than they expected and they had their expectations low… LOL

The meeting consisted of cold readings with an agent from The Knight Agency, Melissa Jeglinski. The examples were great, a lot of very talented writers and very useful. It was nice to hear blunt opinions on what makes her pass on a first page! Also, it was fascinating to hear what grabs her in a first line. Then we had lunch followed by an opportunity to pitch your book to Melissa in private and a class on “Cutting the Crap” given by Jenna Patrick, a CRW author. I am not ready to pitch my book, I’ve only finished the first draft so I eagerly wrote down her contact info for sending a query and what she’d like to see. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation by Jenna Patrick, very concise advice for editing. Very timely for me!

I feel like I left the Serendipity Path and got on the Serendipity Train! Normally, this would scare me, often enough for me to head out to the garden and lose myself in hard work or into the kitchen to bake complicated pastries. Not so this time, I feel ready to get off my ass. One of my first challenges will be to figure out all the genres and what is what with each!

2013, who woulda thunk it?


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