Wednesday and the Mystery Husband

I am wondering who is this guy I woke up next to this morning. He looks like my husband, he smells like my husband, the dogs seem to think he is my husband… But, how could he be that guy? I look at the comments he made on my manuscript last night. They are brilliant, he gets it, he knows and likes my book… wtf? He only reads Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files Books and boring business books with titles that provide me opportunities to exercise rolling my eyes. Yet, he seems to like my book and wants it to be the best I can write.

I did add a computer gaming world into the background story, but is that all it took? He enjoys advising me on how gamers think and what they do. I put the headquarters for the earthbound headquarters in Iceland and my husband actually smiled and got excited… His game, the one he spends 1/3 of his life playing, is the production of an Icelandic company! He seems to think this is all Kismet… maybe.

As a writer, who has become comfy with the relationships I have with non-existent people I created, it is nice to discuss these characters with my husband, who will argue their behavior with me. He is like character advocate, LOL Or maybe The Character Whisperer?

Whatever, I am very happy, my husband will actually read two chapters each evening after work, before supper and before he disappears into the gamer’s world in the back room. I look at him sitting at my desk with a large glass of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers, with a pensive expression and a flutter of his long fingers over my keyboard. I am tempted to look over his shoulder but I am enjoying the anticipation.

Gotta say I feel a little guilty about the argument we had before he started reading. I told him that he better not expect me to do what he says, even though his impressions will be important to me… damn! he has been spot on with each comment!


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