Never too Late… for New Year Organizing

I am usually ready on January 1st with new planners, new calendars, etc. but this year is new in more ways than the year. I am phasing out my web design business in favor of writing full time. Also, I was feeling gun-shy about editing.

Five years ago, I spent a year writing my second novel and then spent a few years editing it into a big pile of crap. Naturally, no one could blame me for dragging my feet on my new novel, The Last Daughter.

My life has recently accepted the concept of HEA and it wasn’t an easy sell! I am getting out of the Art School/Literary Fiction frame of mind. This is not brain surgery. I am simplifying my approach to writing and my book and process is looking clearer.

A year is too long a chunk of time for me, I can see my future segmented into projects not months. I finished NaNoWrMo with just over 50,000 words. I set a new goal for an additional 25,000 words or a total of 75,000 words for December, but I wasn’t making it. The reality was I was so close to ending that I had to put away these goals. I am sure when areas are fleshed out and pruned, I will be in that 75,000 range. So, I started editing. There are a few chapters in outline form but I can see that they need the editing work to become firmer ground.

I am really getting a lot from Jenna Patrick’s Cut the Crap approach. I am doing storyboards of the major turning points. Since there are three story lines, it’s easier to see and develop this way. Making sure each chapter and scene develops the direction to the next turning point is so easy to see this way. Feeling positive, in one sense it feels bigger but in the other sense it feels manageable. Regardless, I feel positive, so that is rocking my world!


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