Plodding Through Plot Turning Points

Yawn! I have no idea why I am so tired and cranky today! If I didn’t know better, I would suspect my coffee is decaf!

Step one of edits is identifying my Turning Points. I started on a legal pad but switched to my office wall! I was going to get an erasable board but I used a sheet of white paper and florescent index cards! I realize I have three paths running through my novel, so three sets of turning points. Identifying them and putting them in my face has helped me realize what I need in each to make the connections, also the three have to braid together well.

Thinking of a braid is helpful to me since I have long hair and it stays braided often. I used to love to braid my horses hair and appreciate a nice braid job. This means all three hunks of hair need to contain a similar amount of hair or it will look odd.

My book’s braid has to also look ‘nice’. If one plot line is to weak or too strong it will effect the entire braid/story. So, working on my Turning Points also must include finding a balance, each needs to support the whole and carry its own weight.

Initially, I thought the turning points work would be an hour at most, then as I started sorting them, I figured this needs a day. Now, that I see the ‘braid’ I am scheduling all week to this task, since I see it is part of the foundation and the story won’t last long without a good solid foundation and a good looking balanced braid!


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