Conversations in a Book

Downstairs there is a place where we put our books away in shelves and sometimes blow off the dust to see if there is anything inspiring lurking. It’s weird to be so old that you don’t remember buying, wanting or reading a book… and yet there they are, with your name inside and the pages yellowed

Then my eyes land on a title:
“Get Your Act Together” by the Slob Sisters

I look around my feet and see empty shipping boxes from Amazon, packing material, recycling bins and random papers littering the floor (not all me!) On the desk, I see boxes and piles of junk mail, where just last week I found a survey requiring our immediate attention from our insurance company –dated last October…

So, I wonder, am I brain-damaged? Why did this tome by the Slob Sisters, who are obviously related to me, have no impact on my lifestyle? I take the book down and inside I find that it is inscribed by my Mom to her Mom (photo attached). At first I laugh, it’s genetic! I say. And Tala, my BFF Siberian husky, ever at my side says: “Aw wooo woo hoo!” She has great insight into my life and psyche…

Then, I feel sad. I had recently found a cookbook from Mary Washington College among my mother’s things. It was inscribed by me to my Mom and said something about my hoping it inspired her to visit me someday, since I hadn’t seen her in several years. My mother had written, “wouldn’t that be nice, but I doubt it will happen.” I found it amazing that my mother responded to my inscription! And more astounding that I found and read it fifteen years later, after she died!

So, under this inscription from my Mother, was my grandmother’s response. It was a bit sad to realize that my mother and I had this is common: trying to get the attention of our mother… and then using the inside of a book as an impromptu journal or soap box…  lol

Another book idea? A dialogue found years later in the inside cover of books by people long gone…

conversation via book

conversation via book


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