Cool, concise and current…

A commenter on Angela Quarles’ blog article, Writer Wednesday: Is Writing Romance Easy? Is It Easier to Get Published?, left a link to a very cool video on romance novels: Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation Of Romance Novels Explained.

I find this an interesting discourse, to be sure. I come at this from another perspective, one that maybe others might understand and I pray recover. I simply never believed love was possible. I suspected people in love of being deluded. From what I read as a teenager, love ended badly, as the video shows is usually the case in literary fiction and was the case in the lives around me. My mother fell in love with the bad boy, the James Dean wanna-be and he got her pregnant on her 17th birthday. She dropped out of school, married against my Grandparent’s wishes (a fact they never tired of telling me and I tired of hearing) and had me!

Dad must have thought he was Johnny Appleseed, because he apparently got a few girls pregnant that year. My mother read voraciously, I think it was her only escape. I remember she signed us up for two book clubs, Raymond Chandler and Dr. Seuss. I loved our monthly reads on the sofa. Mom tried to figure out who done it and I wanted to know who like green eggs and ham. Never in a million years could I imagine my mother or myself reading a romance. Now, I read them, write them and live it. I wish she’d given it a chance during her life.


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