Joy in the Gulag Today

Latté and a Snow DayI sit here with my big, french, latté bowl full of fresh-brewed espresso hidden under foamy milk and smile. It looks like dirty snow, just like back home, lol!

At 3pm, it starts snowing here and I am so happy, I could cry! The weather channel says 1-2 inches during the day and heavy snowfall until midnight with maybe 8″!!! I look at my dogs, who have been bored out of their little devious minds all week with the constant rain. They will be so happy! How happy? This happy!

Four Siberian huskies and snow coming, a rare day indeed in North Carolina. I will go dust off the sled, since husband is planning on a midnight mush! Hell, I might grab a seat too. You might want to check out the fun tomorrow on their blog: The Siberian Gulag!

8 inches can change anyone’s plans for the day. Oh no! Yes, I did!  8 inches of snow, ladies! I’ll make sure my emergency candles are findable in the dark and the ever elusive matches are handy! I’ll bring in some firewood. Make a crock pot of something. Prepare for the onslaught of very wet sibes.

Dig out husband’s under armor from storage… actually, he’s so skinny he wears it year round -I really just need to make sure its not in the laundry dirty!


2 comments on “Joy in the Gulag Today

  1. I’ve recently moved from sunny, beautiful North Carolina to grey, cold upstate New York, and I have to say, the snow and cold really do change the pace of life. Lots of nights in with some knitting and a loaf of bread rising in the next room. I miss the nice weather, but maybe there’s something to be said for watching the frost-covered world through glass, as well.

    • Aw, upstate NY can be pretty! We spent amy summer vacations in Ticonderoga. Actually, I’m in love with Vergennes, VT -not sure why but we’ve gotten lost and ended up there 3 times! Maybe an ancestor?

      The snow threat was a sultry southern tease, the weather channel moved the start from 3pm to 8pm and I’m not too optimistic about that. Today feels like April in NH, cold but not cold enough to turn the grey to white and rain rain rain! My tulips and jonquils are emerging, I hope they don’t get killed off like last year for their eagerness.

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