My best ideas…

I realized this morning freezing at the mailbox, depositing the second disk of the Wire Season 5, that my best ideas come to me the minute I am away from my computer! My mind has been on first lines and yesterday I commented on a blog with my best first line and today realized that it would indeed fit into the Last Daughter and would also lead me to explain a relationship that was still vague in my cranium.

I had to run back inside while I had the new first line fresh in my head. But, then my cat decided I needed to dance around her as she was trying to trip me up. Dont’cha love how cats think they are leading you but unsure of your gait? Then, I saw the big can of birdseed that needed to be moved to the back deck, which I did. Then, I found myself locked out and could not for the life of me remember where I hid the key. Now, of course, I didn’t lock myself out, the dogs did. They get upset when I don’t take them for the check-the-mail adventure so they jump at the door and the doorknob asnd rarely manage to push and turn the little lock button… like they did today.

I am sure my neighbors enjoy the sight of me pounding away yelling “You locked me out you little shits!” while from inside they can hear “A wooo wooo wooo!” Normally, I would unlock the padlock to the dog’s yard and enter through their door but without my glasses, I couldn’t scroll through the combination. Then, I remembered letting the cat out through the unfinished side of the basement earlier, and voila! That door was unlocked! Whew! I was quite frozen by the time I got inside and remarkably still remembered by new first line!


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