The D’oh! Moment

For some reason, I think better on the treadmill, walking or in the littlest office. I fix plots, think of dialogue and figure things out. Last week, after watching the Kim Harrison video interview, I couldn’t stop thinking about her advice to ‘work like you have a contract’.

I remembered back to when I was working at dotcoms, as a graphic designer or when we had our web design business and even earlier, when I managed a cancer lab and was a lab rat sequencing DNA. The one constant was I was very busy and had to get up early to write! I dreamed of a day when I could write full time.

Well, for the past three years, I am living my dream! BUT, I am still getting up at 5am to write and during the day I am taking care of DH, dogs and home… running errands, pulling weeds and cleaning up after all of us.

I had to scream out WTF! on the treadmill. WTF am I doing? So, last week I got a job, with a 10 minute commute. I am working 9-5 as a writer and my boss is a total biotch! I am able to blog this because I reminded her I worked on my synopsis for a half hour this morning –so bogging comp-time!

I got a lot done last week and managed to do all the chores better due to my doing them more efficiently! Of course, not everything got done and there was an interruption when contractors showed up but still… this is working very well, I am even taking a commuter mug to work… a ten foot commute commuter mug of tea! LOL

Okay back to work need a 2,000 word day!


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