The Mount MerryHill Mysteries

Look at a map and focus on the area where North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee dissect the Blue Ridge Mountains, you see the area where Andy Griffith based Mayberry. It’s a unique area of the country, settled many by Scots/Irish people who were fiercely clannish and independent. It’s also a chunk of Appalachia, the Appalachian Trail runs through here, as does the Blue Ridge Parkway (speed limit 35 mph). Christians bring snakes to church and possession by demons is still a problem parents face raising their children in rural communities. It’s also a place where high tech companies thrive and outsiders move here and remain outsiders for generations.

I love it here. My only honest complaint is the winters have been very mild and my huskies want a lot more snow. But, since they can’t contribute to the mortgage payments, they are out of luck.

The people here can be viewed like people anywhere. You can slap a label on them and never really know them. Granted many will do that to you. But, there is a wonderful creamy goodness and some enjoyable bat-shit crazy under the skin. I have met people who keep me up at night just staring at the ceiling thinking, huh? I have also met people who define the phrase, Salt of the Earth and others who need their earth salted.

I hope when my books come out they can be enjoyed as a peek into a wonderful buffet of life. People who evolved through joys, survival and trials. And it’s not so different from where you live. If you think it is, then you wither live in a gated community safe from exposure to people unlike you or you do not see the people who are different. And that is sad, truly sad!

My first book in the series has gotten some enthusiastic interest from 3 editors and 2 agents, so as I give my words, my babies, my characters another read, I am hoping one day soon to share the first of many Mayberry adventures, gleaned from my mind and people I may or may not have met.


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