The Language of Fans, The Art of Love

The art of seduction Spanish style and the language of fans…

Mimosa Mornings Writers

My first job when I moved to Boston in 1992 was at Tufts Medical School for a man named “Coffin”; he’d been anxious to hire someone/anyone from Bob Gallo’s Lab at NIH –so, he could say “She went from the Gallo to the Coffin”. Yes, scientists often have a bizarre basis for their humor. I’ve seen jokes years in the making! Not so unusual, when your daily life involves mindlessly, numbing repetitions, which lead to tiny amounts of data.

My first friend in Boston was a vivacious Spanish Doctor who was also a young newlywed, whose husband remained in Madrid. Since, I was a young widow, we immediately bonded on unrequited horniness. Being a New Englander, this presented as a cynical dry humor with grumpiness. Being a Spaniard, my friend Cova was more dramatic and vocal. We spent many evenings laughing and drinking Sangria. Actually, some combination of fruits, nuts…

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