Nevermind November, Turkeys and NaNoWriMo

“Nevermind” is my mantra for November, when I do NaNoWriMo. I used to let everything go, dishes, laundry, etc. My only witnesses were the dogs and my husband but then Thanksgiving and two difficult birthdays seemed to pop up unexpected at the end of the month and I’d have a meltdown. I’d freak out, run around scooping up stuff and shoving it all into boxes or into closets or under the bed. Needless to say, I never got back to the boxes or under the bed.

My BFF dog Tala hated this, since she squeezes herself under the bed in the spare room and plays princess, it’s her domain and I stole it! Can I blame her for eating my slippers? No. She wouldn’t have eaten them if she were under the bed.

My Tala, my BFF

My Tala, my BFF

This year is different. We had house guests in October, the weekend before Halloween. I decided to stop working around the 15th and tackle the house. The boxes came out and were sorted. The bags of trash went to the landfill, boxes went to Goodwill and there were many “OMG! I’ve been looking for this!” moments, which made it seem worthwhile.

Did Tala get her kingdom back? Sadly, no. Now, one under bed box is fill with photos, a lot of photos. I wish I could hire someone to scan them. One box is filled with important papers, some very important and should be in the empty safe deposit box at the bank. Another box is fabric, I used to sew, still love it but haven’t the time to set up a sewing area. So, Tala sleeps on the couch and snaps at anyone who tries to get near her domain (snaps at the other three dogs, –she only desires love and kisses from humans)

I cleaned and scrubbed. Washed and folded. Now, I enter November with a calm heart. I plan on getting my 2000 minimum done by noon each day, which has been very doable in 3 hours. I love the story and make sure I clean up, do dishes before bed each night. This week, I’ll start baking and cooking. A freezer shelf is ready for Thanksgiving dishes. Even the birthdays aren’t freaking me out. My FIL and his sister, two people who really don’t like me. My FIL was nice to me once, he called me and we chatted for a long time, but he’d had a stroke the week before and soon recovered and now hates me with a renewed fervor. They get Brightfeet slippers, yup. I got some for my husband, he loves them and he’s not easy to please. They are light and motion sensitive, they come on when you walk in the dark. Very handy when four Siberian huskies sleep in random places on the floor at night.

Sunday Sunrise over neighbor's pond

Sunday Sunrise over neighbor’s pond

Monday afternoon, I add the task of editing my other book for entry into the Golden Heart. I wasn’t going to, but I received really good feedback from three Golden Pen Judges. So, this is my 2013 challenge, to work on writing one book in the morning and editing another in the afternoon! And be finished NaNoWriMo before Thanksgiving! I think I’m up for it. Yes, I’ve long embraced delusional beliefs.

I am also posting my last NaNo line of the day on the NaNoWriMo Page on my blog. Check it out and see if you can glimmer the story as it develops by reading the lines every 2000 words or so. I am also curious to see how this experiment unfolds.

So, now I finish my coffee and watch the sky lighten over the pond from my window. Daylight savings time ended, my surprise for today!


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