So close, so near, so dear.

I just finished a complicated scene. We all  have things we do badly, that others seem to do with ease. My husband can maneuver the length of our very long driveway effortlessly in reverse. I can’t.

What’s worse, one wrong step and I can drive over the edge into a stream, over a cliff or worse back into the pond. Thanks to recent repairs to the pond, I know for a fact, it’s ten feet deep. If I go very slowly and carefully drive in reverse the 200 plus feet to the road, I might be able to do this in under an hour without drowning but I might still hit a tree.

Being the evil person I am, I force my heroine to not only drive a longer, narrower driveway in reverse but with a horse trailer hitched to her truck and a sexy guy in the passenger seat. It doesn’t take long for him to figure her out. It takes her hitting the fence followed by kissing and witty banter.

So, all is good, eh? No, my total word count is 8,921… 79 words short of 9,000.  Can I really stop now? Can I delay the rush of passing 9K for another day? After all, I’ll be half asleep and won’t even feel the rush!

Okay, off to write another 100 words!


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