Flu season on target this year!

I usually get the flu in the spring or in early September. Never in November. Ever. I have NaNoWriMo and I never leave the house so no chance of meeting contagious people. But, last week I went to the local hospital for a mammogram. I hit every hand sanitizing center I passed.

When we moved to this area in 2003, the local paper had an amusing headline. The local hospital was graded the worst in the state for “Staff Infections” I found this ominous and hysterically funny. Since, it supposed to be Staph not staff infections but ironically it is caused by the staff not washing their hands… Don’t believe me? John Hopkins did an eye-opening study that was promptly ignored.

Anyway, I woke up unable to focus my eyes, they were so tired and weak! Then a head ache grew in my forehead… then the delicious tuna sandwich I had for lunch started doing aerobics in my gut a few hours later. I know these signs, they suck! This is either an ubiquitous 24 hour bug or I am coming down with the flu.

I can not take flu vaccines, so that you very much all you jerks out there who don’t get a flu shot! I am allergic to egg serums, now they have a type of nasal spray not made with eggs but not for people over 50…wtf?

So, I head to bed. The husband is trying to fake being sympathetic… he got a flu shot! And now he can play computer games until the cows come home… just saying that is a bad sign… brain sick!

lator gators!


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