Day 7, Grateful for our Vet

I am grateful for our vet for seeing Quinn on an emergency basis and treating him so successfully!

This post was started yesterday but the Little Splat, Quinn, has turned my life upside down, something he considers his purpose in life.


Poor Quinn after the vet and not feeling great

One aspect of having four Siberians that is not immediately apparent is their ability to poison themselves. When you find the remains of something they’ve grabbed, found or stolen, you’ll have no idea who did it. So, you begin watching them carefully, for signs of any distress. This is compounded by the fact that if the naughty one vomits, the others eat it and may have lesser symptoms. 

Then there is the mystery of what was eaten? Did they catch a poisoned mouse? or that possum they killed and stored until they tired of playing with it? Did one step in a puddle in a parking lot or etc. etc. etc. All four dogs were not hungry on Saturday, not unusual they do this at times. On Sunday only Quinn and his mother were still off their food but Lulu was drinking broth, Quinn was drinking but not as much. Monday everyone but Quinn was okay. 

To an unfamiliar eye, Quinn appeared well-behaved and calm but to us, this was serious! Quinn is a singleton, meaning he didn’t get the normal socializing skills from his nine siblings like most huskies. He received extra training and we tried to be his siblings but he is a singleton and a bit of a handful. He also grew up with his mother and chose to obey her over us. As Quinn’s step mom, Lulu and I had different goals. 

So, on Monday Quinn was vomiting and not interested in food only sips of water. I agonized, thinking the others got better but this all changed when I saw blood clots in his vomit! My dear husband rushed home and whisked Quinn off the vet who agreed to see him immediately. Thank you, dear vet and the clinic staff! Quinn was feeling better on Tuesday when I started writing this post but his medications, coupled with mine occupied a lot of my time! Quinn rested until the afternoon when he slowly picked up steam.


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