VJBurke, romance author

veronica and a book helping her use her favorite writing software

Veronica Jane Burke writes romance fiction, which surprises her. It took finding true love to make her appreciate it in a book. Before she met her husband, she smirked and rolled her eyes at the mention of true love. Unconditional, over-the-top, head-over-heels love, that is what she found when she fell for her husband. Suddenly, she was in the club! That club, you know the one… it has former cheerleaders, natural beauties, women who smile and have loving families. Okay, she didn’t get the loving family but she felt like she deserved one, which was a nice change.

Veronica lives near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northwest North Carolina with that loving husband, four wacky Siberian Huskies and one KiKit. She tires to keep all the pieces of her life tied together and organized but fails daily. Failure used to crush her soul but now it makes her laugh, most of the time. Finding the sofa stripped to its wooden frame by the evil six-month old puppy did not make her laugh, it does now -four years later! If you like to look at siberian husky pictures and read bout their adventures, they have a blog: The Siberian Gulag.

Hopefully, this blog will evolve into an interesting website sooner than later!



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