The Mount MerryHill Mysteries

The Town of Mount Merryhill,

Surry County, North Carolina

Mount Merryhill is a fictional town I located west of the real towns of Pilot Mountain and Mount Airy, of Mayberry fame and east of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest North Carolina. Mount Airy is the birthplace of Andy Griffith and many believe it is the inspiration of his television show, which is now synonymous with a wholesome americana archetype we all like to believe existed in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Pilot Mountain is the name of both a distinctive mountain and the town  just to the east -some claim Andy Griffith actually based his show on this town, referred to on the show as Mount Pilot. The size of the town is closer to the one in the show but the landmarks like Snappy’s Diner and Floyd’s Barbershop are in Mount Airy.

The Mount Merryhill Mysteries

The Web Site

The Books:

The Orchard Mountain Menace
Deep in Appalachia, a stone’s throw to the real Mayberry, a nest of cold war sleeper agents are beginning to stir but what trouble have they been waiting all these years to put into play? Rumors of a threat to National Security sends Susan Harris, a senior CIA agent, and her new partner, John McCone, the only surviving member of her husband’s team in Afghanistan, to Orchard Mountain to assess the threat and neutralize it. 
Orchard Mountain Target
Mount Merryhill’s new Police Chief, Steve Bowman, doesn’t believe in coincidences and he believes there is more going on in the mountains than moonshine and meth. When his lover, Susan Harris, shows up, he knows there is more going on than she says.
Orchard Mountain Revenge
With Natasha safely settled in West Point, Susan returns to Orchard Mountain but before she can settle down with the sexy Police Chief, she has to avenge two deaths and take down one of the most dangerous enemies on US soil. And she is on her own with no backup if things go wrong.
Orchard Mountain Harvest
What could go wrong in Mount Merryhill, when Susan and Steve tie the knot? –a lot can and does go wrong, when Susan’s Bridesmaid Natasha disappears after a wild stag party. The FBI informs the new couple that they tracked a serial killer to Mayberry. A serial killer who is obsessed with Andy Griffith and the old television show.

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